Burma Alumni Organizations

The All Kachin Student and Youth Union (AKSYU) is an organization of pro-democracy activists who fight against the military regime and for the restoration of democracy and the creation of a genuine Federal Union of Burma. The AKSYU believes in self-determination for the people of Burma and is struggling to protect and promote the rights of the Kachins.
The Burmese Women's Union is a leading organization defending the rights of the women of Burma and their ability to participate to making decisions concerning all aspects of the country´s future.
HURFOM was founded by pro-democracy students from the 1988 uprising and more recent activists and Mon community leaders and youths. Its main aim is the restoration of democracy, human rights and genuine peace in Burma.
Kachin Environmental Organization (KEO) was formed in 2004 by Kachin people living in Thailand and from inside Burma who are dedicated to the protection of the environment and the welfare of the Kachin people.
Owing to the deteriorating political, economic and social situation in Kachin State, many Kachin people, mainly young men and women, have left their homeland and scattered to foreign countries.
In order to protect the rights of teachers, the Karen Education Workers Union (KEWU) at the District level was formed on the 16th of July 1998 after a consultation with the teachers and education leaders. The very first Union was established in Pa-an District of Kawthoolei in a liberated zone with the purpose of defending the rights of education workers who are oppressed by the SPDC (Burmese...
Established in 2001, KESAN is a community based organization which works to improve livelihoods and environmental security for Karen communities in eastern Burma and south-eastern Kachin State, and gain recognition of local and indigenous people’s rights.
KRW is a forum for individual Karen people and Karen organizations who are interested in actively protecting the Karen social, economical, political and environmental aspects of life.
Karenni Evergreen is an organization based in Thailand that works for defending the environment inside of Burma and promoting environmental awareness among Karenni communities in Thailand. They focus mainly on the impacts of development projects such as dams, deforestation or mining on the environment.
Kayan New Generation Youth (KNGY) was established on the 12th February 2002 by a group of Kayan youth based on the Thai-Burma border. KNGY is an ethnic-based grassroots organization that aims to promote the empowerment of Karenni Youth, fostering unity among the Karenni community and bringing democracy to Burma.
The Lahu Women’s Organization (LWO) was formed in 1997 in a Lahu village in Thailand. LWO was established by Lahu women who had arrived in Thailand to help defend the rights of Lahu women and children. There are many Lahu refugees in the Thai border areas in Chiang Mai, Mae Hong Song and Chiang Rai who are facing many problems, including lack of access to health care and education because they...
Life Vision Foundation (LVF) is a non-profit, non-government foundation established in 2006, with the purpose of assisting and organizing trainings, workshops, and seminars in communities about vital issues related to the maintenance and improvement of people´s dignity, social and economic capacities, and the preservation of their environment.
MON YOUTH PROGRESSIVE ORGANIZATION (MYPO) is an independent youth organization founded with the aim of supporting the struggle for democracy, human rights and building a strong civil society for peaceful and democratic change in Burma. MYPO members are students, grass-root activists who are interested in social change in Mon State.
The Overseas Mon Women’s Organization (OMWO) is a self- reliant group formed in 2001. The mission of OMWO is to improve the life of Mon women and their families, and to protect violence against women, rape and sexual assaults, education of rural areas, empower Mon women to become a part of the regional and international network and strengthen of women in participation in decision at all levels.
The Pa-O Youth Organization (PYO) is a non-violent independent youth organization striving for peace, justice and democracy in Burma. It was set up on 4th December, 1998 by monks, women and youth who come from various places in the Pa-O areas in Burma. PYO is a member of the Students and Youth Congress of Burma (SYCB) and the Nationalities Youth Forum (NYForum).
PWO was founded to empower Palaung women to improve their lives, to promote and preserve Palaung culture and literature, to enable Palaung women to actively participate in the democratic movement with a full understanding of their human rights, and to join other women’s groups in Burma to work toward peace and democracy.
The vision of the Social Development Center is to promote the welfare of people who have suffered human rights abuses, teach non-violent skills to build a new society, develop the rule of law, value human dignity and protect the environment.
The Ta'ang Students and Youth Organization (TSYO) is working for peace, justice and equality to build a democratic country and improve the lives of Ta'ang students, youth, and Ta’ang people.
Wunpawng Ninghtoi (WPN) was established in June 2011 to respond to the humanitarian crisis resulting from conflict which broke out in Kachin State on 9 June 2011. WPN works to provide emergency aid, care for and organize the internally displaced persons and refugees produced by the conflict and to document ongoing human rights violations and abuses.