All Kachin Students and Youth Union

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Christine Z. Chan, Naw La

To establish self-determination for the Kachin State within a genuine federal democracy in Burma and continue to fight against any form of dictatorship. 
To promote and protect the rights of the Kachin people. 
To cooperate with all Burmese democratic forces which have common objectives to establish a Federal Democratic Burma. 
To cooperate and network with International Students and Youth Organizations as well as NGOs. 
To assist and support the Kachin people in the following areas: Education, Health, Economy, Culture, Religion and Agriculture as well as to protect the environment and natural resources.

- Environmental Awareness Training 
- Human Rights Training 
- HIV/AIDS protection and community organizing 
- Kachin Youth Consensus Building 
- Research and documentation: Impact of gold mining in Kachin State, impacts of Irrawaddy Dam, impact of gold mining in Kachin State, Anti-referendum movement

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