Alumni Group Host Children's Day in Rangoon

Children’s Day in Burma is celebrated on February 13, honoring independence leader Bogyoke Aung San's birthday. Alumni organization Wimutti Volunteer Group (WVG) organized an event in Bokyoke Gardens in Rangoon marking the occasion and learning about Child Rights with a group of children who are undertaking WVG’s non-formal education programs for young people.

The children visited the gardens to pay their respects to General Aung San and hear stories from his childhood. They learnt about Child Rights, discussed what these mean for them in their daily lives and took a quiz on the topic before rounding off the day with a visit to the fish museum.

Bogyoke Aung San was a Nationalist leader of Burma. He was born in the township of Natmauk on February 13, 1915, the son of fairly well-off parents. He graduated from one of the high schools established by Burmese nationalists to demonstrate their independence from foreign-provided education, and he received his Bachelor's degree from the University of Rangoon.

As a university student, Bogyoke Aung San was extremely active politically, serving as president of the Rangoon University Students' Union, a breeding ground of nationalist leaders, and was one of the founders of the All-Burma Students' Union. In 1936 Aung San led a student strike and became Secretary-General of a nationalist group in 1939. He accepted Japanese aid in raising a military force in Burma that helped the Japanese in their 1942 invasion. However, he grew to doubt the Japanese support for Burmese independence and grew displeased with their treatment of Burmese forces, and in 1945 he switched to the Allied cause. Following the war, General Aung San effectively became prime minister and negotiated Burma's independence in 1947; however, he was assassinated before he could see independence was achieved in 1948.