Burmese Women's Union

BWU is an independent association aiming to organize the women of Burma, both along the Thailand, India and China borders of the country and internationally. Membership with BWU is open to all women of Burma regardless of ethnicity, race, religion, marital status, sexual preference, or livelihood. Mission BWU exists to promote the role of women in Burma and to efficiently increase women's contributions to the political and social leadership functions in the struggle for democracy and human rights and the establishment of a genuine democratic federal union.

o The publication of a monthly magazine, Dove, distributed among migrant communities, in refugee camps, inside Burma, among the other pro-democracy organizations in exile. o Domestic Violence and Sexual Harassment Awareness Raising Campaign o Carry out various social programs aimed at women o Run "BWU school", known as the Political Empowerment Program", attended every year by a dozen students. o Facilitate a great number of workshops and trainings on various issues related to women´s rights. o Organize internship programs o The maintenance of libraries that can be freely accessed by all interested women of Burma.

Help Out!

To donate or volunteer with this organization, please contact them directly at [email protected]