From Grassroots to Global

Voices from Burma on Earth Rights Abuses
EarthRights International
June 2009

This publication is a collection of research reports by the students of the EarthRights School of Burma class of 2009. The report documents the findings of their fieldwork research projects undertaken inside and adjacent to Burma. The research reports on 'earth rights' abuses, and focuses on three topics: Land Confiscation, Economic Development, and Human Development.

Covering diverse topics such as infrastructure developments, mining, and people trafficking, the reports uniformly show that the military regime governing Burma respects neither human rights nor the environment, and is willing to sell the Burma┬┤s natural resources and peoples to the highest bidder for short-term profits. A number of reports also highlighted the impacts of the regimes actions on migrant workers and refugees forced to flee to surrounding countries such as Thailand. These people face further instability, poverty, discrimination, and lack of access to jobs and services.