Kachin IDPs in urgent need of winter clothing

As winter approaches in Burma's northernly Kachin state, the situation grows more and more dire for tens of thousands of internally displaced persons, mostly women and children. The Burmese military government will not allow international relief agencies access to IDPs, and without proper winter clothing they face frostbite, hypothermia and death. Wunpawng Ninghtoi (WPN), a group formed to respond to the growing crisis in Kachin State, has put forth this appeal for donations.

"I would like to make an urgent request for warm blankets and warm clothes for the Kachin IDPs. The situation is very dire because, as you know, we have already entered the winter cold season here and it has been continuously raining. The following is a list of IDPs who WPN is taking care of. This is not the entire Kachin IDP list, just from the Eastern division and Northern Shan State. Currently there are over 30000 IDPs in Kachin state because of the conflict between KIA and Burmese army. 

(1)12,000 in Laiza
(2) 4,630 IDPs in Mai Ja Yang and Lai Yin (Eastern division)
(3) 2,000 IDPs in Maga Yang (Lai Sin mountain)
(4) An estimated 5,000 IDPs living in the jungle and cannot reach help because they are trapped in the KIA and government army conflict areas.
(5) 5,922 IDPs in inside Kachin State (Myitkyina, Banmao, Waimaw, HKawng Lan Hpu)
            Total: 29,552 IDPs

Best Regards,