Kachin Women's Association-Thailand

+66 89 755 9892
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PO Box 415
Chiang Mai 50000

he number of Kachin people coming to Thailand for various purposes is increasing year by year. Problems in the Kachin community in Thailand have also increased accordingly. Recognizing the urgent need for women to organize themselves to solve their own problems, the Kachin Women's Association Thailand (KWAT) was formed in Chiang Mai on the 9th December 1999.

- To develop the skills of women 
- To promote children's rights 
- To empower women to be more involved in leadership positions 
- To promote women's awareness of gender and women's rights 
- To promote women's awareness on how to manage and protect the environment


- Skills Training Program 
- Internship Program 
- Publications 
- Women's Exchange meetings 
- Documentation & Research 
- Health Education 
- Income generation

Help Out!

To donate or volunteer with this organization, please contact them directly at [email protected]