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The Karen Education Workers Union has management committees in two main levels central and camp/district levels. Members of management committees at all levels are democratically elected, and each camp or district can independently organize its activities. Central level members represent the camp/district unions in terms of raising the voices of the fellow workers and take responsibility contacting and communicating with both local and international teachers unions.


Over five decades of civil war in Burma has brought devastating effects on many thousands of civilian population, especially, in Karen State where the Karen National Union has been considered by Burmese military as a major threat to the regime.  As the results, thousands of civilians have to leave their home land and take temporary refuge in Thailand.

Karen education has suffered severely under the oppression of the Burmese Government, and a number of schools have been burnt down, teachers have been exploited and students have to leave schools due to various forms of forced labor and human right abuses. 


Very often teachers are asked to serve as porters or work for the SPDC soldiers in military camps. Schools in those areas are also burnt down or discontinued by SPDC since the villagers are being accused of having connection with the guerilla fighters. Thus, it was realized that Karen Education Workers Union needed to be formed in order to defend the rights of the teachers and education workers.



o Organize trips to camps and inside Karen State and meet with the local unions. o Collect and compile statistics and information on KEWU´s activities. o Keep constant contact with local and international trade unions and send information on human right abuses and various forms of forced labor committed by Burmese military government. o Organize relevant capacity building training needed for staff, management committee members and field coordinators. o Produce and distribute regular KEWU newsletters. o Developing training manual for the training o Organizing and training the teachers and education workers in human rights, democracy and leadership o Reviewing and revising the training activities and the training manual o Organize trips to the 7 camps and 7 districts and hold meetings and discussions with the local unions and members o Collect information on labor rights and disseminating them to international trade unions o Organize workshops for social welfare and community mobilizing o Organize training on photography, video documentation and editing o Collect facts and information on human right abuses and labor rights in the seven districts o Compile and record and send information and documentation to relevant unions or organizations or groups

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