Karen Environmental Social Action Network

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KESAN's mission is to work alongside local communities in Karen and Kachin states to build up capacities in natural resource management, raise public environmental awareness, support community-based development initiatives; and collaborate with organizations at all levels to advocate for environment policies and development priorities that ensure sustainable ecological, social, cultural and economic benefits and gender equity. To achieve their goal, KESAN has six key program areas that reach over 23,000 individuals: - Building Capacity of local communities and strategic partners (natural restheirce management and development administration) - Environmental Education and Media Program (school environment curriculum and general public awareness raising) - Community-Based Development Initiatives (support communities environment and development activities) - Environmental Policies and Rural development Priorities (environment, forest, land policies; and people's rural development plan for post-transition period) - Networking, Campaign and Advocacy Program (cultural and biological diversity and Salween hydropower dams campaign) - Kachin Environment Project (in partnership with Pan-Kachin Development Society)

In November 2004, KESAN staff conducted basic environmental training of primary school students from three villages within Burma located close to zinc mining projects. Villages in these areas suffer from water shortages and environmental degradation as a result of the mining project. Students were taught the concept of environmental protection, the nature of environmental problems (e.g. water pollution), the importance of protecting the forests and the negative impacts of growing vegetables with pesticides. As a result of the training, the students now have a greater understanding of environmental issues, and are more capable of advocating to protect the environment in their area. Environmental Journalism Training In 2007, KESANĀ“s publication team organised journalism training for participants from various parts of Karen state. The training aimed to develop the participantsĀ“ skills, knowledge and self confidence in writing and reporting on environmental issues. The training also provided an opportunity for the participants to network with each other and with other Karen print media. After the training, participants returned to their home areas and produced reports on environmental issues (including mining and logging) and sustainable management of natural resources in the community . This information was subsequently published in a regional magazine. As a result of this project, environmental issues in Karen state will be better publicized.

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