Karen Rivers Watch

P.O Box 158
Mae Sot Post Office

Karen Rivers Watch (KRW) is a coalition of Karen Civil Society organizations including the Karen Office of Relief and Development (KORD), Karen Youth Organization (KYO), Karen Student Network Group (KSNG), Karen Environmental and Sociel Action Network (KESAN), Karen Women's organization (KWO) and Federal Trade Union of Kawthoolei (FTUK) - which work on environmental, women's, youth, human rights and development issues within the Karen community in Karen State. It was formed to monitor development processes affecting the environment, especially rivers, in Karen State in particular and Burma in general, and to mobilize grassroots communities, as well as advocate with other Burma compatriots for democratic and sustainable development in Burma.

o To safeguard and protect the river environment 
o To highlight the advantages and disadvantages of any project on the rivers in our areas 
o To actively be involved in the protection and conservation of the environment and Karen people's human rights, including the right to self-determination.

o Community mobilizing 
o Media campaigns 
o Upstream Research 
o Downstream Research 
o Forum 
o Networking

Help Out!

To donate or volunteer with this organization, please contact the EarthRights Alumni Program at [email protected].