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Karenni Evergreen is an organization based in Thailand that works for defending the environment inside of Burma and promoting environmental awareness among Karenni communities in Thailand. They focus mainly on the impacts of development projects such as dams, deforestation or mining on the environment.

The problem of natural resource and environmental degradation in Burma is deep rooted since the colonial period of the British to the present Burmese government’s administration.

Since World War II, the natural resources of Karenni State such as forests on hillsides and rainforest were logged by the British colonialists for timber production, mining and the production of charcoal. After gaining independence from the British in 1948, the KNPP has been fighting against the successive government to gain its national sovereignty that has prompted a civil war that has resulted in human rights violations, tortures, and the destruction of people’s homes and land that has lasted almost 50 years. Coupled with this, the exploitation of the forest resources continued whereby concessions were given to foreign logging companies, the Karenni in minority ethnic areas in Burma, and latterly, Thai logging companies to conduct logging activities along the Thai, Lao, Chinese and Burmese border zones. The extent of the destruction was vast as it was neither regulated nor controlled. With the presence of the logging companies and the military government, the villagers were compelled to be labor for logging companies as a result of forced relocation, forced labor, confiscation of land and a threatening of food security.

Karenni people become refugees in Mae Hong song Province, Thailand and other Karenni villagers have been hiding in the forest as Internally Displaced People ( IDP) in the Karenni State. For those who are in the refugee camps in Thailand, they have been under pressure to exploit the resources from the forest. Therefore, they have been encountering certain problems and have been the target of blame for some of Thailand’s natural resource destruction by the local Thai communities and the Thai authorities.

Because of the above situation and rationale, the Karenni youths from the refugee camps had the opportunity to attend environmental training conducted by Steve Thompson from the environment Desk of Images Asia. Throughout that training, they began to realize the potential of their role in protecting and conserving the natural resources and environment. On the 14, October 1996, these two groups founded the Karenni Evergreen (KEG) with the idea to raise awareness amongst the Karenni in the refugee camps and those who remain in the in the Karenni state as well IDP on the problems of environmental and political conflicts while motivating them to recognize their roles in rehabilitating and conserving natural resources and the environment.

o Environmental education in refugee camps 
o provide community forest management training 
o give waste management and women and environment training for camp section leader in camp #1. 
o Distribute waste clean up materials for every section in camp #1.

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