Kayan New Generation Youth

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To educate Kayan´s Public in the following fields: 
o Human, Women and Child Rights 
o Political Democracy and the basic principles of Federalism 
o Conflict resolution and Community building 
o Preservation of the natural environment in the Kayan region 
o Conserve and promote the culture, custom and language

Aims and vision 
Kayan New Generation Youth has been organized and formed with the main purpose and objective of fulfilling and achieving the wills and desires of Kayan people as mentioned below. 
o To obtain administrative region where all Kayan who are scattered in 4 states can come together and practice self-determination for their own community 
o To work to achieve a stage where democracy flourishes and people can enjoy human rights 
o To work in hand with other ethnic nationalities to build a Federal Union in which equal rights for all nationalities are guaranteed


The Kayan tribe, whose population is estimated to be approximately 215,000, is believed to have been descended from Karen tribe. Like other ethnic tribes, Kayan tribe has been living in this country now known as Myanmar since ancient times. Since the time Burma was under British rule, Kayan people have been living together, yet, geographically scattered respectively in four different states-Karenni State, Karen State, Shan State, and Burman State. These states share borders with one another. Unfortunately, living mainly in the border areas such as far-away rural towns and villages, Kayan have been ignored and denied equal rights and self-determination by authorities concerned of these states. As a result, in comparison with other ethnic peoples, Kayan are lower in terms of politics, education, economy, health and healthcare, living standard and etc. All these conditions make it really difficult to promote the development and living standard of Kayan people.

Therefore, Kayan people have been demanding an administrative area that covers all the areas where Kayan live in different states. (They do not demand for a separate state or land for themselves but an administrative zone or area whereby Kayan can practice self-determination, work for their own development and welfare and build their own future for themselves and their coming generations.) In accordance with the demand and desire, Kayan New Land Party came into being as Kayan people’s movement. After 1988, Kayan Nationality Unity Democratic Party was formed to participate in 1990 election.

Kayan representatives won a landslide election in the constituencies of Loikaw and Demoso of Karenni State, Phekon of Shan State, and northern Than Taung of Karen State. The landslide election victory manifested the true will and desire of Kayan people.


- Training people in Kayan region (beginning from village tracts) in human rights, child rights, women's rights, and preservation of natural environments 
- Conducting informal courses on democracy, federalism and federal system, and conflict-resolutions for youths and adults in the region 
- To conduct courses on leadership for youths 
- To hold a youth conference for regional youths annually 
- To arrange an annual youths-organizing trip to village tracts 
- To collect books on politics, economy, health and healthcare, education, and the like, with a view of opening public libraries in the region 
- To open public libraries, computer and Internet centers in the region in the future 
- To run a Kayan language broadcasting program and a Kayan Website under the Democratic Voice of Burma 
- To plan and carry out Kayan cultural promotion programs on special occasions such as Kayan New Year day, Kayan National day, and Kayan Revolutionary day

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