Lahu Women's Organization

+66 80 131 6036
[email protected]
P.O Box .10, Borsang P.O
San Kam Paeng, Chiang Mai 50131

The aims of LWO are: 
- To preserve the Lahu cultural traditions 
- To improve the education of Lahu children, youth and women 
- To address the health needs of Lahu people 
- To resist discrimination between women and men 
- To work for the development of Lahu women in every sphere together with other indigenous women 
- To promote the participation of women in the democracy movement in Burma; and 
- To reduce illiteracy among Lahu women.

Lahu women, like the other nationalities of Burma, have fled to Thailand to seek refuge because the successive governments of Burma have systematically oppressed their own people including ethnic minorities. Burma has been controlled by a military dictatorship since 1962 when they took power from the elected government. The suffering of the Lahu has increased under the State Peace and Developmen Council (SPDC, formerly the SLORC) which staged a coup again in 1988 after killing thousands of peaceful demonstrators who demanded the restoration of democracy in Burma. The army troops, the backbone of SPDC, have committed inhumane persecution, including forced labour, torture, rape of women, and killing of innocent villagers. They have also confiscated people’s property and lands and forced them to labour in their military "development" projects.

Since its establishment, LWO have undertaken a number of activities in order to achieve its aims. These activities include: 
- Training and workshops 
- Skills training for women: income generation, basic computer and English, office management 
- Workshops to empower women: including peace-building, human rights and women's rights, conflict resolution 
- Basic health/ HIV training inside Burma 
- Awareness-raising about child trafficking 
- Publications (Lahu and Burmese language) 
- Documentations of human rights violations

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