Life Vision Foundation

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Develop and transform poor communities in order to improve their dignity, their socio-economic capacities and environment.

Strengthen the community by giving technical assistance, organizing awareness workshops, seminars, trainings, and publishing research reports.

o Provide community members with the necessary tools to be able to lead the struggle for socio-economic changes 
o Raise awareness about the importance of the conservation of the environment and the impacts of the use of hazardous chemicals 
o Encourage cooperation between local and international organizations 
o Help the communities analyze and express their problems; find their causes and possible solutions

o All of the benefits will be for the affected people 
o Accountability, evaluating and reporting the work of communities 
o Recognize that people are interconnected within a community, with other communities and with the world in countless ways


Activities undertaken by LVF include: 
- Collection of data and information, to document the events of the past and present in order to undertaken effective analysis and to create strategies for a better future. 
- Promotion of safe clean water, healthy environment and the reduction of hazardous pollution. 
- Awareness-raising regarding the need to preserve water and the environment. 
- The promotion of village communities to be able to lead the struggle for social-eco changes and sustainable development on the rural frontier in Kachin State, Burma; and 
- Collaboration with international support groups and local civil organizations through information sharing.

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