EarthRights School Mekong Alumni are activists from each of the six Mekong countries. They voice concerns about the impacts of development projects and related human rights, transparency and participation issues within the Greater Mekong region.

The law is a powerful tool for grassroots campaigns. Two Mekong School alumni attended the 2012 session of ERI's Mekong Legal Advocacy Institute, joining other lawyers and legal activists from across the region to share practical strategies for seeking justice.

Different generations of alumni often pay visits to the school to share their experiences with current students, providing invaluable support that has helped both the program and the alumni network grow stronger. In 2011, seven alumni from three different countries visited and gave presentations.

2007 alumni Dorn and Somsy from worked together on a 2011 small grant project aimed at raising awareness of the impact of dam projects on the Ou River in Northern Laos. The Ou River is a major tributary to the Mekong and its rich natural resources and high level of biodiversity provides a livelihood and has a spiritual place in the hearts of people living along its banks.

With several planned power plants in the works, nuclear energy has become a controversial topic in Thailand. Alumni Siriporn (2007) and Phairoh (2008) organize public seminars for villagers in Kalasin province to provide communities accurate information about the potential impacts.