Palaung Women's Organization

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Lway Poe Taung, 2 additional alumni

The Palaung Women's Organization (PWO) was founded on Oct 14, 2000 and is based in Mae Sot. It has 10 committee members and is primarily a network organization, including members that are living inside the Palaung area.

PWO recognises that women need to be empowered in order to be granted equal status within their communities, and so that policies will then reflect women’s experiences and needs. Since one of the PWO's target areas is on the China-Burma border, PWO has conducted various trainings, including on human rights, gender, documentation and federalism for Palaung people along the China-Burma border. PWO members have also participated in a number of relevant international workshops and conferences.

PWO is an organization that empowers and helps advance the social status of Palaung women towards equality, peace and a just society.

- To develop the status of Palaung women. 
- To maintain the literacy and culture of Palaung people. 
- To participate in the democracy, peace and human rights movement for Burma. 
- To advance and promote gender equality and women´s rights by co-operating with other women's organizations.


PWO works with other women’s organizations to upgrade the skills of the Palaung women in the Mae Sot area, so that they are able to participate in community and political affairs. PWO conducts education programs, such as organizing and sending its members to attend various capacity-building trainings. This training covers topics like computer skills, media skills, human rights, medical skills and English language, with the aim of helping PWO members acquire new skills and strengthen their abilities, knowledge and experience to be able to work more effectively to fulfill the PWO’s aims and objectives, as well as to participate more broadly within our diverse society and the democratic movement.

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