Pa'O Youth Organization

+66 85 288 4211
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PO Box 134
Mae Sot, Tak 63110

The main aims of PYO are to establish a new society based on the principles of peace and justice, and to empower Pa-O youth, build greater unity among the Pa-O people and nurture younger generations to become future leaders. These aims are manifested in a number of objectives: 
- To promote Pa-O literature and culture 
- To promote quality critical thinking of Pa-O youth 
- To educate the people in Pa-O areas regarding human rights and environmental issues
- To help build a federal union of Burma with equality and self-determination

The objectives of the PYO are are pursued through various activities, such as: 
- Organising trips to areas populated primarily by Pa-O people. 
- Organising discussion groups with Pa-O youths living in liberated areas so that they can expand their knowledge and ideas as well as build important networks. 
- Assisting Pa-O people with their health problems when possible. 
- Assisting those who are interested in attending health and medical trainings. 
- Opening a Pa-O language School so that Pa-O nationals can be educated in their mother tongue. 
- Celebrating Pa-O culture by putting on special Pa-O events. 
- Preserving Pa-O literature and cultural heritage. 
- Publishing pamphlets and magazines. 
- Collecting Pa-O news or information, as well as about other ethnic groups in Burma. 
- Publishing the most important news that we receive. 
- Educating Pa-O people about human rights and environment by giving trainings about these topics 
- Documenting human rights and the environmental abuses occurring in the Pa-O community.

Help Out!

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