Robbing the Future

Russian-backed Mining Project Threatens Pa-O Communities in Shan State, Burma
Pa-o Youth Organization
June 2009

In 2004, the Pa-o Youth Organization began hearing concerns from fellow community members about the commencement of an iron ore mining operation and factories at Mount Pinpet, and iconic landmark for the Pa-O just ten kilometers south of the Shan State capital Taunggyi. Over the next few years, villagers became increasingly alarmed about the influx of workers from central Burma, the arrival of Russian personnel together with top military generals, and rumors of uranium depositions in the mountain. Public information about the projects, like many in military-ruled Burma, was extremely limited, however. The organization therefore undertook a three-year investigation into the parameters of the projects. their unfolding impacts, and the potential threats to the surrounding community. this report is a result of that investigation.