Small Grants Awards, 2010-II

EarthRights International’s Burma Alumni Program is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of the Second Round of its 2010 Small Grants Program. Since 2004, the Small Grants Program has aimed to improve alumni’s fundraising and project development skills by providing them access to a small pool of funds for which to apply. The BAP team often works with the alumni to improve the quality of the proposals prior to submitting them to potential funders.

The Second Round of the 2010 BAP Small Grants Program opened for submissions in October 2010, receiving a total of twelve project proposals from ERSB Alumni. Of these proposals, we are pleased to announce that seven were successful.

Four projects were selected for funding by the Daniel.C.Clark Memorial Fund (DCMF) and an additional three were selected for funding by Refugees International Japan (RIJ).

The successful projects included:

 - Environmental awareness project for Burmese refugees: This project will involve four different activities, including environmental awareness education, environmental awareness poster production, an organized environmental art competition and waste management and forest conservation training.
 - Human rights and earth rights training on the Bangladeshi side of the Bangladesh-Rakhaing border. The participants will be drawn both from Arakanese refugees and Arakanese living within in their communities in Burma.
 - Environmental training which will focus on the importance of maintaining natural forests, showing farmers how to mitigate deforestation while practicing shifting cultivation (“slash and burn”).
 - Team building, leadership and child rights awareness training
 - Gender awareness training for both men and women inside Burma.
 - Capacity building training for thirty two trainers and teaching assistants, to encourage their social work with youth and to support their community development work.
 - Environmental training to seminary students within burma: The project will be directed towards those serving and leading in their respective churches and communities. Targeting them is seen as the most effective way to reach to the masses with the message of environmental protection, given they are in positions of respect and leadership within their communities.

The projects will begin in early 2011. The successful ERI alumni and the Burma Alumni Program wish to publicly thank DCMF and RIJ for their ongoing support of the Small Grants Program.

To find out more about the program, visit the Small Grants page.