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“Wunpawng Ninghtoi" (WPN) was established in Mai Ja Yang in northern Kachin State on 14 June 2011 with the involvement of several ERI Burma alumni and drawing together 8 local organizations, in response to the conflict which broke out on 9 June 2011 between the Burmese military and the Kachin Independence Army (KIA). The fighting has been ongoing since that date and has resulted in a humanitarian crisis and reports of serious human rights abuses, as thousands of civilians continue to flee and become internally displaced persons (IDPs) within Kachin State and refugees crossing the border into China.

WPN’s objectives are:

- To care for and organize the refugees and IDPs
- To provide food, shelter, safety and health care for refugees and IDPs
- To document human rights violations and abuses



WPN consists of 13 core organizers and a 165-member Standing Committee, together with 12 Subcommittees responsible for work across a range of key thematic areas. Activities include distribution of emergency food and aid, providing logistics and shelter, developing ways to ensure food security for affected populations, livestock and agricultural assistance, health care and mobile medical clinics, transportation, child care, spiritual and psychological counseling and support, media and documentation of the current situation for IDPs and refugees and ongoing human rights abuses.

WPN is a part of the Relief Action Network for IDP and Refugee (RANIR), established in Laiza on July 2-3 and bringing together a variety of local authorities, faith-based organizations, civil society organizations and an international NGO, to ensure better coordination of relief efforts and resource sharing amongst the various stakeholders responding to the crisis in Kachin State.


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